Summary: Massachusetts is often considered as the real New England. The main reason for this christening is due to the amazing landscape, beautiful waters and a historical background. Some of the major camping destinations include The Country Aire RV Park, the Nickerson State Park, The Walker Island Family Camping, The Peppermint Camping Resort, etc.


There are innumerable camping destinations in and around the scenic Massachusetts to cater to various camping styles of campers across the state. There are plentiful campgrounds, RV camping resorts, etc present. The very trip to these camps is a refreshing drive through charming valleys and curving hills. The towns and mountains in the distance make for the perfect background for a family picture. The campers are sure to have a splendid time in the camping destinations of Massachusetts.

The important camping spots

The Walden Pond is known for its serenity. It is of historical significance too – the famous conservation movement started its course at this very spot. There are quite a few campgrounds and RV camping spots in close vicinity. The Atlantic Ocean is present towards the East and here present is Cape Cod – considered a favorite tourist destination. The Cape Cod National Seashore presents unparalleled options for viewing a wide range of wildlife. The stretch is for over forty miles. The famous Martha’s Vineyard is another popular spot present towards the southern side. There are myriad options for biking and hiking in the area. The beaches are also present in large numbers. The Country Aire RV Park and Campground also offers great campsites. This place will have a mesmerizing appeal on you and you will feel the urge to repeatedly visit the spot. This is best for adventurous campers as you can get yourself involved in a number of activities like canoeing, hunting, rafting and fishing. The camp offers you internet for free too. Another tourist attraction is the Nickerson State Park. Whatever be your relaxing preference, you are sure to be satisfied. For bird watchers it is a great place. Swimmers too will enjoy the place. There are over 400 campsites offered here. The Walker Island Family Camping is spread across 85 acres. This is quite ideal for official gatherings too. The place is complete with a hall, recreational space and most of the basic facilities like internet, laundry, etc. There is a mini-golf court for your kids as well. The Peppermint Park Camping Resort is another beautiful place to camp along with your family. Over 80 acres of grass filled hillsides look stunning and refreshing to the eye. Basic amenities like fresh restrooms, recreational area, dumping stations, swimming pools, etc are all provided to the camper. There is a spacious softball play-area for the kids as well.