People should have a will to survive on the sea if lost due to accidents on the ship or air planes. You could catch fish or birds for food. Staying afloat on the life raft and sending a signal through search rescue beacons will improve chances of rescue.


People, who travel on ships and airplanes, should be aware of survival techniques in the ocean. You may not know what will happen when traveling on war ships, fishing boats, leisure boats, or aircrafts. Sometimes mechanical problems and engine failure could cause airplanes to land on water. Ships are likely to go into the ocean while hitting a hard object or developing a large hole. Staying afloat is vital for survival. You need to find what type of survival equipment is available on the ship at the time of boarding. You also need to know about types of medicines and food stored on the life boats. It helps to take an informed decision for your survival in the sea.


Hold on to the Life Boats on the Sea

You are advised to stay on the life boat till some assistance is available to move to the seashore. You are advised to remove wet clothes and use warm clothes. It helps to prevent loss of water from your body and improves the chances of survival. You are advised to use canvas to make a shelter on the life boat. It prevents exposure to direct sun light. It also safeguards you from cold weather. You need to keep the life boat as dry as possible.


If life boat is not available, try to grab whatever object available and stay on float. Life rafts can be used to stay afloat on the water.


If more people are available try to stay in circles. It helps to prevent loss of temperature. You will be able to survive for over 12 hours if the water temperature is above 70oF. You are likely to lose body temperature and fall to death if the temperature is below 40oF. In such a situation, try to move to areas where temperature is better.


Tips to Find Food on the Sea

You can look for edible sea weeds. It offers necessary nutrients and vitamins for your survival. You can catch fish from your raft. You can use net to catch small fish. Clean the fish and eat raw. You need to be careful not to tie the net or rope to the life boat because some large fishes may damage the boat. You can use flash lights to catch fish in the night.


You can also catch the birds that circle above you for food. You need to remove the skin and eat raw. It also offers essential proteins and nutrients for your survival.